Sarah's Philosophy

Every Client is Unique

As every client is unique and so is each session. No two sessions will be the same. Each plan will be specifically tailored to the suit the individual.


Bringing awareness to the present, Mindfulness improves mental health as well as acting as a tool to improve the quality of one's life. Sarah's sessions may incorporate mindfulness-based approaches if suitable for the individual


Support clients to regain and maintain balance in their lives.




"I had never considered consulting with a Life Coach previously. I believed that I was managing my life effectively and efficiently until I met Life Coach Sarah. I did not realise that regardless of how I was coping, the area of health was being neglected. Since I have been seeing Sarah I have successfully planned and attained each and every goal. Sarah equipped me with the skills and tools to achieve this. I find Sarah not only addresses the issues presented to her, she also has the life experience to enhance her role as a Life Coach."



"I had never even heard of life coaching before a friend told me about it. The same friend recommended Sarah. Although I could have never envisioned myself going to a coach before I now consider 'coaching' to be a well of essential tools for life. And Sarah was the perfect person to open my eyes. Thank You!"



"When I was stuck at a crossroads in my career, I stumbled across Sarah Donnelly Facebook page. Sarah helped me put in place a plan of action on how I wanted to progress. I'm now working in a job that I love and am happier than I have ever been."



"I have struggled with my weight all my life. A friend recommended talking to Sarah to help get to my ideal weight. From our first session, I was made work to get there. It hasn't been an easy road but I definitely feel that I am now at least on the right one."



"I have never been more clear about what I want in life. Thanks to Sarah's help!"



"Life coaching pleasantly surprised me. What I learned from the coaching was if I implemented small changes everyday I could achieve any goal. With the information, Sarah provided it was easy to put these changes into every aspect of my life, work, and relationships. It is very easy to get into a rut with busy lifestyles, but easy to get out of with positive helpful actions. The coaching is fun and interactive and I would highly recommend spending time with Sarah. "


Sarah Donnelly is a Co-Founder of a Wellness Blog MANDALA.IE

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